Laura Ingalls Wilder Fan big Time

I am a Laura Ignalls Wilder fan big time. I have read Little House on the Prairie. On the Banks of Plum Creek, and By the Shore of Silver Lake, and now I am reading The Long Winter – almost finished with it and will then read Little Town on the Prairie, These Golden Years, and then I will read The First Four Years , and then Farmer Boy. I am reading Farmer Boy last because I have chosen to do so. It is about LIW’s husband and Almanzo and his brother Royal when they were younger and boys themselves. Farmer Boy is the 3rd book of the series but I am saving it for the last book. Anyway… I am enjoying the book very much and I do have to admit that I have only read the first 3 books of the series when I was younger – gifts from my dad and his wife for Christmas but not the series for some reason. Now I am taking the time to read the series as an adult. Like I said I am enjoying the series and now I have a glimpse of her life and world in the 1800s of the real LIW. It is definitely different from the Little House on the Prairie TV series from the 1970s – 1980s, and the movies that followed. I still love the Little House TV series though. Melissa Gilbert played a good LIW and Melissa Sue Anderson played a good MI, and Carolyn Grassle and Michael Landon played good at being Ma and Pa Ingalls. I just now getting to know the really LIW and love her just as much though. She is awesome! I am a big fan big time and glad I am getting a glimspe of another time way before I was born.

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