Good Evening & Good Night

Well… CSE never showed up for our Charlie’s Angels night and I did want to call her to remind her or deal with her being late and acting weird on me. I am glad to have the night to myself and have Bing Crosby the cat all to myself. The want of CSE being here tonight was not really wanted. I am thinking of having the weekend to myself after my shower gal KB comes and goes. Bing and I need time to ourselves anyway.

As for the rest of my day, the house is picked up, two loads of laundry was dine today, the floors were swept and the carpets were vacuumed for the week. Next week, to some point, I will be back on track with my schedule all the way around except for Friday IDS will be closed for the day so I went grocery shopping yesterday with JP for two weeks and will be going again the week before Thanksgiving this year. I have no plans to travel this year to see family this year for Thanisgiving or Christmas. No big deal even though I wish I was visiting my AR family this year..

A very good friend of mine called me tonight before supper and we talked for a while – a long time – she needs prayers for better finances and married life. I don’t like her husband at all anyway but I do support my good friend 100% anyways. She is a good person with a jackass as a husband who is a jerk to her all around. I wish her the best and love her to pieces. Good luck my dear sweet friend!

I feel of this earth today, lol.


It’s getting late and I have been up since 6 am and ready to go to bed. Time to shutdown my laptops, put my games away and go to bed. Good night and God bless. I will be back tomorrow sometime. “yawn”…

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