Morning Has Fully Started Now

I am showered and dressed for the day – in house dress and comfortable, had two eggs and potatoes for breakfast this morning, and now watching Law & Order: CI episodes – recorded of course – Monday’s marathon until 4pm. Bing is up in his favorite high spot on the food pantry high spot. He sleeps up there often in the winter and cooler months for heat rises. He sleeps with me a lot too of course. We snuggle and cuddle everyday for a while. He is a good caf most of the time. Rarely naughty but he was yesterday morning tho, lol. He made it difficult to discipline him because his misbehavior was making me laugh and chuckle uncontrollably for a long time. He can be a little shit sometimes and he makes me laugh. A stinker he CAN be at times. Bing makes life fun everyday though.

CSE’s Comment

I did not like the comment CSE made about male cats last night hurt my feelings very much. It’s her damn cat that is mean and last night she was making excuses fir him instead of disciplining him so I discipline the bratty cat. The fact that CSE said that all male cats are mean and like girl kitties more than males liking other male kitties. I was so glad to have left when NMS and I left. Even though I had napped from 930 to 1130 pm last night sleep was not easy to find. CSE needs to be more careful with her damn words. She DOES NOT think before she speaks anymore like she used to. She has changed so much that she scares me. She is a bitch now and that label is her new label now with me. I can’t stand the person she has become — uncaring a lot.

More later…

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