The Surprise Phone Call

I had gotten a phone call from NMS this morning asking me if I remember the woman who lived in the apartment I know live in and I told her I did remember the woman. Apparently she passed away between Wednesday night and Thursday morning because her roommates found her dead Thursday morning. I went to the manager and told her that the woman had passed away and she told me she already knew because she had gotten a phone call from a former tenant who had major problems with other tenants and moved out before she got evicted for being a thief of stealing other tenants’ medications for her pain problem. Hearing the news from NMS about this woman dying I was in shock because I just saw this woman with C at Wal-Mart Wednesday afternoon and NMS saw her and C at the Dollar General Store that same afternoon. I asked the manager if there was any detail on how the woman passed away and KR, the manager said the woman had a heart attack. How sad and I do have to admit that this woman’s heart attack was brought on herself because she never quit smoking after having heart surgery. I do not feel sorry for the family and friends at all because this woman brought on her own illness and death by not listening to the doctor who told her not to smoke anymore because of her heart surgery. Yes, I am angry and not sure how I feel about this unexpected death of this woman at this time because she was nasty and mean to other tenants and very demanding and thought she knew everything and was so perfect. I was even reluctant of taking her apartment after she moved out and it was empty for several months because she continued to smoke inside her apartment when the rule of no smoking was placed for the entire building and no smoking was a new rule to protect the tenants who did not smoke from dealing with secondhand smoking. I had come into this apartment with strong smells of incense that burned my eyes and nose from the strong smells, and came to find out that she smoked in here against the rules. Tenants and management were glad that she moved out and moved elsewhere. The tenant above me just moved out last weekend to live with this woman and CT who is the drug addict and has stolen other tenant medications that were for pain. She came to me a couple of time asking for strong painkillers and I was one tenant who did not have any strong painkillers and I did not have any painkillers of any kind. After that, CT was never allowed in my home for fear that she would steal my medications that were not painkillers or steal money from my purse. I was super duper glad that CT moved out of here.

Now with this woman gone and dying from a heart attack, I am not sure how to feel about this news. She was good to me most of the time but she had a couple of run ins with me that got her in trouble with JSL’s dad and the management, and I did not get into trouble but was deemed a young woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was given a break from being punished by management. I told the truth in the run ins and this woman lied through her little teeth. Now she is dead. AARRGG! I am getting older now and seeing more death or reading about deaths in the newspaper more because I am around elderly people who are constantly ill or troubled for some reason or another. AARRGG! I will be okay.

I had texted JSL about the news of this woman’s death and she was shocked as well.

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