Prayer On the Mind

NMS dropped by to get The Farmer Boy book from ne to read tonight since I was not yet reading the book – by the weekend though – and she told me that she was on a mission to get CSE some medical help for her … YES!! … I am sick ANC tired of CSE’s outbursts and emotional ups and downs. I saw CSE for a few seconds this morning during the fire drill we had but no one really took part in it – I forgot until I heard the fire drill go off – oops – but got out into the lobby where a few of us showed up. I was not too happy to have seen a small glimpse of CSE today either. I almost felt sick enough that I wanted to throw up on her. She has really disappointed me lately. She has disappointed a lot since we reconnected in January 2011. I still regret reconnecting with her as well – I know I am mean about this. Anyway…

After hearing that CSE snapped and got weird on NMS – characteristic of CSE that scares me so much!!! – I was not thrilled. CSE NEEDS HELP BIG TIME!!!! I hope our prayers will be answered real soon!! I told NMS that CSE’s actions have gotten to the point of me not wanting anything to With CSE more and more. I also told NMS that I have not talked to CSE ever since we both saw her after the two of us got back from the cooking class. CSE’s world is a strange one!! I don’t want any part of it. Now NMS and I both see what CSE is doing now for sure and that is why NMS is working in getting CSE help

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