Harry Potter 7.2 Is Finally On On Demand!!

This morning about 645 am or so this morning, after a nap, I took my chances on seeing if Harry Potter was on Charter Communications On Demand and lo and behold it was there. I realized after the 11th of November it might be on the movies section of our cable network. Even though DB will be here at 8 am to help with my showers, I will watch the rest after my shower. I have read the entire Harry Potter series and can say, after today, I have seen ALL the movies as well. YES! Yay! Yippee! My Harry Potter collection will be complete as of today. No, I do not have the movies. No need for them since I have the series in writing by JK Rowling. Who could ask for more? I reAlly can’t ask for more now. I have other things to get that are more important at this time such as a new cell phone — the one I have now is pretty much lost its umpff and I am going to a better phone that will have all of my songs from ITunes as well as the games I live to play most of all. My IPod Touch is 4yrs old!! I love my IPod but it is getting old too. In fact I am totally surprised it still works because I have dropped the darn thing many times and last month I thought it did break from a fall but the USB connection was the problem and I had a 2nd one available to use for the time being. Anyway…

DB will be here in 15 minutes.

More later…

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