The weekend is going by rather very quickly this time around. It’s ok I guess. I did not go to church this weekend at all. I stayed in but after church NMS dropped by for a few minutes to drop off the next quarterly for church and visit for a minute before leaving. I was sooooooo tired from having my monthly and just waited for my shower gal – KB – to be here at 5 pm. It was a quietb weekend for me other than NMS and KB being here for a little bit. I did not have that many phone calls … Now the weekend us drawing to a close and I have 1 appointment this week — meeting my new/recommended counselor Pam offered on Tuesday.


I wanted to scream and cry and I surely did cry – no screaming though. I talked to NMS about how I was feeling about things — conversation about CSE again — and it was the same old stuff regarding CSE’s demeanor and how things are being seen and heard. If CSE does not start wizen up a bit and see that she is not with it, no one is going to be around to help her. She was 45 minutes late coming here using her cat as the excuse until she finally came to tell me the truth that it was because of her back was hurting. That did not make me very happy. I just don’t know how she can be acting so secretive and all that comes to mind is that CSE formally known as CKR has definitely changed … scary to be very honest here. I can’t take it anymore but yet I still see her from time time to time. I can’t win or even lose this one I guess. Sad but very true.

Have To Yet

I have yet to write the book I have been wanting to for the past several days now. Maybe tomorrow I will begin writing…I think…


Now I am watching a program on Netflix.

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