Ahhh, I Better Say Good Night

It is definitely past my bed time now, lol. I better say good night and God bless now since I have been dosing in and out of sleep for the past two to three hours – not sure how long actually. I have my monthly so tiredness kicking me big time the past couple of days along with other emotions such as crying and frustration. I will be okay, though. It has been one heck of a weekend – this four day weekend really kicks me into such wonder all the time lately. I really love METV now and will add that to my list of channels to watch now. No more RTV? Cool, I guess. Well… anyway…

Good night and God bless for the night and I will be back tomorrow before and after my shower.

Tomorrow’s Definitely Plans

Listening and watching METV, begin writing my book, shower – not in particular order of course – and having the day to myself if necessary.

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