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I do have to admit that I have a lot on my mind right now that just wants to be let go and out of my mind – imprisoned right now – good and not so good at the same time, I will be okay though. Bing Crosby the cat has stayed in my vision all day now and he done that because I have asked him to do so – good kitty – understanding he is most of the time. Today was one of those days he understood. am waiting for my mom to call me back as i hoped to talk to her to give the rest of my evening to myself but she still has to call me back. It’s okay, though, really. Mom might have forgotten because she got into something else after folding clothes, lol. My mom is kind of forgetful these days in a funny way.


I am not sure of my feelings right now to be very honest here. I have decided, thanks to my shower gal KB, to watch more of my Netflix programs – “Charmed” tonight from the 1st season to the last season – and see what’s up with those shows now as well. Why I record them from my DVR box is beyond me today, lol. I am enjoying myself. Along the way, I have been playing my IPod games – new ones as well – had gotten a text from CSE telling me that I have bananas at my door – once again she bought me bananas! What a sweetheart – hope they are still there because they have been there for a while now. If they are taken by anyone we will find out who did it and go from there and if anyone actually does take the bananas, I do not care really … don’t need any right now. Right now, while watching “Charmed” on Netflix, I am playing Pet Hotel. I am almost at level 19 and not going to make to level 19 tonight unless I happen to do so by chance – will wait until tomorrow. The TV is off – once again – surprise! – so I can watch Netflix programming. I cannot allow or let $7.99 go to waste by not watching Netflix programming … I can but I won’t.


Tomorrow I have my shower at 8 am in the morning and then the rest of the day is all mine. I have no major plans this week except for an appointment at 2 on Tuesday, JP coming Tuesday morning, my showers from 8 am to 915 am until Friday comes rolling on in again, and that I am going to go grocery shopping this week as well. With Thanksgiving this past week, I only saw JP and MM once this week and talked to MM twice as usual – on Monday and Wednesday – but on a different day. Anyway, I am going to begin writing that book I have been meaning to write for a while now and I hope O can do so tomorrow. We shall wait and see.\


I am still waiting patiently for my mom to call me back. I am going to go watch more “Charmed”. Later…

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