Good Mornung


Good morning and here I am awake listening to Beverly Hillbillies on METV this morning and watched a few minutes of Love, American Style – missing the 1st fifteen minutes – and Family Affair starring Sebastian Cabot, Anissa Jones, Brian Keith, and a couple of others I have no names for I actually remember at the moment. So far so good of a morning even though I have only had 5 to 6 hours of sleep from last night. Anyway… Time being 627 am, I have an 1 1/2 before EE comes and helps me with my showering this morning and I am taking it easy til then. Ahhh, today is going to be a good day no matter what. No one is going to interrupt me today all. I have to make a couple of phone caat hlls today but I am going to accept certain phone calls today and all. After the holiday, Thanksgiving holiday, I do have to admit that I am a little emotional yet. Thursday did not turn out the greatest for me – at home here and not with my families – NM or AR this year. CSE help[ed make Thanksgiving day one of those day I have found unpleasant and not fun for 2011 at all. I have never have been so let down as much as I have with CSE in the picture! But still here I am still allowing CSE in my life, my world, my place! AARRGG!!

All Night, LOL

I fell asleep just fine but last night I slept with the kitchen and living room light on all night, kept my glasses on my face all night as well, as well as the TV! Oh my goodness gracious! LOL! That does not happen too often. Anyway… I slept all night with everything on! That surprised me actually. When I had awakened, I realized that my glasses were still on my face and I did not even notice that they were never taken off. I was shocked at first but then realized that I did not have to put them on my face right away this morning in order to read what is necessary to read right away.

Two days before December 1st already! WOW! Thursday will be December 1st and before long the Christmas Day count begins. Another WOW!

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