I blocked CSE from being able to text me again! I just wish that we could get along with one another. She told NMS that she gets stressed out because I yell at her all the time. If she would stop and think that her always being late is very frustrating at my end then I believe CSE and I would be on the same page again. She also told NMS that she does not understand why I do not understand her – I cannot understand her because of the fact that she is constantly late – every time we get together and I invite her and she just does not stop and think that it is frustrating at my end. At this time, once again, CSE is out of my life and I am not sure if it is permanently yet or not. Something is wrong with her. I also do not think that she is not mentally well along with not physically well on top of that. I am hurt and not understanding her at all. She does not understand me at all either. My day today is all mine. CSE is not a part of it at all. She can have Christmas Eve with her cat tonight then. I do not care. I should not have even invited her to come to my place at all period. Now CSE and I are upset.

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