One Final Trip to the ER

I had a dizzy spell last night and almost fell. I had gotten together with my worker today and we ended up at the Mercy ER once again because my dizzy spells were getting worse and I was not feeling any better. When I got there, I had held my breath that it was not Dr. K who had sent me home telling me it was all in m head and I was not sick. It turned out to be Dr. M. He sat down and listened to me and I told him about my experience in the ER on Friday and that my stomach ached a certain way that I did not know if it because I had a bug or my hernia was starting to give me trouble. I asked him very kindly to look at my blood counts and make an assessment from that. He did that and my potassium was low, I was slightly dehydrated, and he told me that he was going to admit me into the hospital. I told him thank you and thank goodness something was founded finally, and he also told me that my blood counts were not all taken care of Friday or they would have noticed this before today and I would have had a better holiday. Oh how I agreed with him. He, a nurse, the registration office, and Dr. Onsrud came into my ER room telling me I was going to be admitted, lol. When Dr. O came into the room to say hello to me and talk to me, she was the fourth person who told me within the hour, lol. She told me that I was going to get back on track physically and feeling better real soon. I explained that I was not treated well on Friday and she felt real bad. She told me she and Dr. A (resident from Mercy South) would be taking care of me today and tomorrow, and I told her that was very good. It is about time I was taken care of.

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