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I saw my doctor – Dr. A this morning and she told me what she was planning. She told me I could be discharged this afternoon but when she told me about the two blood transfusions I told her that they should keep me one more night for that purpose and go from there. Dr. A did not argue about that so I am staying over one more night tonight. When tomorrow comes, I was not going to argue about going home. I was feeling better after several days of not eating after getting the 1st bag of fluids that was given me during my short visit to the ER yesterday afternoon. I felt good again that eating was not a problem anymore. Tomorrow – for sure – I am going to be discharged.

This evening I saw Dr. O who put my discharge date on the board and talked to me for a while. I asked her what caused my potassium to lower and my feeling yucky for so many days before my blood labs looked it, and she told me that I needed to be in the hospital to get better again and my case was had an unknown cause but she assumed that I had a bug of some kind that just wouldn’t leave me alone. I was glad to be where I am at the time and I told her I felt tons better and complying to what was happening to me without a problem, and willing to go home Thursday when the doctors were willing to discharge me. She said that I looked better and left with a smile on her face knowing she had done her job.

Dr. O was an urgent care doctor several months ago when I had a small bout with an yeast infection and she ended up taking care of me.

I have been thinking of reporting Dr. K for his manner of practice on Friday, December 30, 2011.

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