I was charged from the hospital this morning after having two days of fluids, had some potassium chloride, and 2 units of blood because I was a little anemic as well. Dr. O and Dr. A took good care of me and all I saw was Dr. A and Dr. O, and the nurses who took care of me. I did have some company over last night who brought me a couple of things I needed and wanted from the apartment even though I was going to discharged today – the next day from last night. I did need my charger for my cell phone though. It was necessary as it was my communication piece for the two days I was in the hospital. I can live without my texting for a couple of days but the phone is how I communicate with others outside the hospital room phone I used. I am glad to be back home but I was super glad to have gotten the help for my illness … whatever it was that caused my low potassium, some dehydration, and caused me to me to be anemic. Whatever it was, I was glad to be where I was finally and the anxiety and panic was completely over. Home again now. Yeah!

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