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I have had my shower, I am dressed for the day and ready for my appointment this afternoon. KP is here helping me clean and do laundry today because JP could not make it today – sick with fever. I am doing okay this morning – feeling semi-busy and not busy enough, lol. KP went to get quarters for me with the ten dollars I got from the Beloit bank on the 3rd of January and yet did not get quarters because I was admitted into the hospital that afternoon with low potassium levels, a little anemic, and dehydrated – memory of my ER visit Friday, December 30th still looms unforgettable in my mind and the doctor who took care of me really pissed me off that morning – early afternoon. Knowing what was wrong with me on the 3rd helped me a great deal and my anxiety and panic had passed by then and I was doing okay – knowing that I was not ill from having a panic attack but ill from a virus of some sort. We still have not had any snow yet to freeze the germs that come during the winter season. We have been having 40 degree weather here in Wisconsin and we had no snow for Christmas. AARRGG! I do want to see snow soon but not the hard, cold, freezing snow that turns into ice and eventually stops everyone from going out and driving. Even though I do not like snow very much, I do find it pretty at times when its snowing and falling from the sky. Anyway… my day is good so far – not really started until 9 am when I got showered and cleaned up for the day.

More later

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