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It feels I have nothing better to do today on this very snowy day in good ol’ Wisconsin. Bing has jumped down from my lap and took to having a little bite to eat and resorted to the power chair to finish taking his nap instead of retreating back into my lap – back to my laptop writing more thought and plugged in my iPod before the battery wore down completely. I am not sure who is our maintenance man this winter shoveling the sidewalks but I do believe it is MP shoveling the walkways of our building once again this winter. Now that I think about it, winter has come and gone and has come again – a whole year has passed very quickly for 2011. Still very happy to see 2011 gone for good now and 2012 has begun. Unfortunately, my new year did not start out as planned but healthy once again I believe. Have been taking my potassium and medications since I have been back home from the hospital, and drinking my Powerade and fluids well, and eating good again. I NEED TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT FOR MYSELF NOW! I have a lot to say today. Oh well.

Playing Catch Up Yet

I am playing catch up on a lot of thought at the moment and managing just fine, I think. CSE and I are working on our relationship to make it better before dissolving our friendship completely for NMS’s sake and health. So far, CSE and I are getting along and I have been a little more patient with CSE – trying to for the most part. Success so far without a hitch or too much of trouble looming over my head that is usually called regret. NMS has had a very serious talk with CSE about a few things that concerned CSE and her personal, emotional and physical health last week. CSE got upset for a short time but it was calmed down quickly with NMS’s reassuring words of concern as well as my concern for CSE lately. I was so glad to hear this last night when talking to NMS over the phone while she is recuperating at our Cedar Crest Nursing Home. NMS was in the hospital for a few days and was transferred to Cedar Crest Nursing home at the beginning of the week I believe. Poor NMS. She is my thouhhts and prayers even though she has said some real nasty things to me while she was not feeling well and in the hospital. Doing my best at forgetting what was said even though her words were very hurtful. Catching up on my thoughts.

Plans Changed

I am saddened that JP is still out from work sick. I have not seen her at all this week and tomorrow I will not see her for our shopping at Wal-Mart. She is missed. I hope to see her next week if she is feeling better. Poor JP!

My World is Quiet

I am having a very quiet afternoon with Bing close by today. Marty is shoveling the snow from our walkways around the building this early evening. I am not going to have CSE come down tonight as I want to have an evening to myself and Bing tonight. I do not want any company tonight. CSE will have to wait until this weekend but I might yet change my mind by tomorrow afternoon. I just want a quiet evening. Gotta have one of those nights too.

Watching TV and Reading

I am watching TV and reading today. I am almost halfway through my Harry Potter story I took up reading again since watching the 7th movie part 1 and 2 has been out and watched several times, lol. I still can not get enough of Harry Potter yet I guess. Love the series that much. I have watched the ID channel program Nightmare Next Door series, The Flintstones, Perry Mason, and watching other shows in the meantime on Live TV. It has been somewhat a boring day but not too bad. I have not had to take a nap again today. Health is back up to par. At least I think so. We shall see at the end of the month now. The weather is definitely a snuggly sort of day I have noticed.

More later… I hope!

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