Deletion of Entries This Morning, Good Afternoon, and the Need to Vent Again

Deletion of Entries This Morning

Please forgive me for deleting entries this morning – having written and then deleted. I was having problems with my submit button this morning and ended up having my entries post several times!! I decided to delete all entries and start fresh again when I could. I know that it showed that I wrote an entry today and then no one could see it because I deleted it. I had to do it – will restart from fresh once again now.

Good Afternoon

I kind of missed the good morning to everyone this morning so I am saying good afternoon now, and going on with my day.

The Need to Vent Today


I am still royally pissed at NMS for what she did last week. Even last night she pissed me off even more for telling me that she could not get a hold of anyone after 430 pm in regard to the smell in her apartment and she wanted me to pass on the message to CSE. I am beginning to feel that CSE has been sucked into the problem at hand about NMS’s apartment and CSE is helping her out. CSE has her opinion, she told me last night about what the smell is and left it at that. I still believe that NMS is causing trouble all over again and I am still pissed about last week!!! I still hope she does not come back home for a very long time yet – in nursing home after being discharged from hospital – she needs to live in a nursing home now as many times as she has been hospitalized in the past month – 3 times now! I do not want her back here at the building anymore. She needs to move out. Maybe she will yet if the smell in her apartment is not resolved. I could not see her moving into another apartment on the second or third floor anyway. There will be something terribly wrong with those apartments as well according to NMS. NMS has been causing trouble for the past three years since her niece has been fired from her job and NMS reminds me about that from time to time by telling me that I would not sign a petition to keep her niece working here. That happened three years ago or so and her niece is still holding that against me to this very day. I deleted and blocked her niece from my Facebook page because of how I get treated to this day by NMS and LS. It makes me sick! If NMS does not live here anymore, another troublemaker will be out of here, and another negative person is out of my life for good. NMS talks to me about acting like a Christian all the time and she has been acting like someone who is not a Christian herself! She is two-faced. I am beginning to feel that CSE is two-faced as well now too.
Still A Fault Finder

My close BFF is still a fault finder in my book. She had written me a long winded email yesterday, and I began reading it and deleted it within the 1st two sentences because I saw nothing but her pointing out my faults and saying she is sick and tired of me repeating myself. Anytime she points out on others she wants us to comply to her but once we point out her faults, she become the bitch from hell and gets so damn mouthy about it and threatens to get her parents involved. She is a fault finder and never will I ever introduce her to my friends again because problems come and go and she ends up having a big problem keeping her mouth shut. She got all pissy about the fact that I continued to text her over the weekend when she told me if I had a problem, I could. She lied to me and if I tried to explain it to her that she said I still could if I had a problem and needed to vent, she would call me a liar and that she never said such a thing. She lies to me still to this day much worse than CSE ever lied to me last year in 2011. My friend just does not understand me at all – does not accept me for who I am then. I do not always believe everything she tells me anymore because of her not accepting me entirely as she says.

My friend texted me this morning that she was done trying to accept her husband’s sisters into her world because they do not accept her. I have a feeling why she is not accepted into the family like she hoped but can not say why – assuming is not good – do not want to make an ass out of her and me at this time really. I have issues with her attitude on a regular basis and her attitude is going to get her in big trouble again one day and I am going to let other people see her attitude and deal with her if she gets out of line – not with me this time! I am positive that my friend’s husband’s ex-wife was well liked by the sounds of it and I believe my friend is very jealous of it. My friend thinks that her husband’s ex-wife is a bitch too, lol. Jealousy seems to be a problem for JSL these days – opinion only that is. JSL does not always get her way and she puts up a big fight until she gets her way all the time and lying is one way. The strangest thing is that her parents know I would pipe up and say the truth when it comes to their daughter lying. AARRGG!!!


I just do not understand why CSE has to go check on her cat every two hours! That poor cat probably thinks CSE is a nut for not allowing him to be a plain old cat! Her cat has been trouble from day one when she got him and he can still be trouble – chewing on cords, biting hard, and running out of the apartment every time the door is opened. CSE does not have the energy to go chasing him all the time. The horror of hearing her scream and holler at him a couple of times frightens me as well – he does not listen to her at all because of that. Never put two male cats together! Her cat is a big bully to Bing and he is never allowed to come down here anymore because of it – bit him and put a scratch on one of Bing’s ears that healed but took a while. Ethan would not be allowed to chew on anything of value – cords – in my place and get away with it. CSE would be paying for anything Ethan destroys in my home – that is another good reason why he is not allowed to come for a visit. He is too wild and I call him “wild boy” all the time. He does not sit still. I have heard CSE going back and forth about keeping Ethan all the time and I told her maybe she should because he is too much for her and she got all upset about it – speaking the truth does hurt – and I had to say so. I was getting and still sick and tired of hearing it about her wanting to keep Ethan. Even though I am upset with NMS, we both agreed that Ethan is too much for CSE and the moment he started destroying her things, she should get rid of him – NMS and I would never allow our pets – NMS does not have any pets anymore because she is allergic to cats and dogs now but would never allow a pet to destroy her things. The way her apartment is so cluttered now, no one can even get into her place and feel like it is home. I don’t know what happened to NMS’s cleanliness “attitude”!!! AARRGG!!! At least we agree on some things still when it comes to our concern for CSE. I am still working on understanding CSE yet to this day and yet I believe that our friendship will be dissolved one day yet. I still do not have any patience with her lateness. She has been up to her place for over an hour now and has not returned yet! AARRGG!!

Gotta Go For Now

I have to head off for a while. I will be back later. I am catching up on some TV shows I recorded. More later… Good bye for now…

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