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CSE did arrived within ten minutes after she texted me she was coming now. She has just left a few minutes ago to check on her cat and she told me her cat had a slight temp. That may not be a good sign and I told her she needs to a hold of her cat’s vet to let him know. She said she will if he does not feel any better in a couple of days… I disagree with her idea of calling her vet if her cat is not feeling any better in a couple of days but then again I am not CSE. She has to do what her heart tells her. I would be on the phone with the vet immediately if Bing was running a temp. Excuse me for having my reservations on what CSE told me about her cat having a slight temp. She has lied to me many times before and I hope she is not lying about Ethan not feeling good today – if he was not feeling good today, she should have told me when I asked her to come down – why tell me practically 5 hours later? Sometimes I find how CSE executes her words with everyone in her life. I am not sure what to believe with CSE anymore. I did not say anything on how she was handling the situation because I am sick and tired of not understanding her and did not want to get into another argument with her or anyone. I have my monthly right now and giving her the benefit of the doubt the best I can. AARRGG!! I do hope, if Ethan is not feeling well tonight, he feels better soon and I hope it is nothing serious and CSE loses Ethan to something very serious. I hope not! Ethan may be the “wild cat” and CSE has mixed feelings towards him practically a year later, I do have to say I wish Ethan not to be a sick cat any time. Boy… do I still my dratted issues with CSE and they are driving me crazy right now because I have my monthly right now. How many more chances can I give CSE now? AARRGG!!! She still frustrates me!!!! I still believe it was a mistake for her to move back in the building and I know now it was the influence of NMS that had CSE move back in here. I just wish that her ex-husband would stop coming over here! I think their friendship is not healthy but who will listen to me – NMS really doesn’t hear me, and CSE closes me out and acts funny. I no longer write about CSE when she is here now – have a feeling she will overlook my shoulders and watch me writing about her and NMS! That would NOT be good!!!! I hate it when people overlook my shoulder – another pet peeve of mine she definitely knows about but yet I do not trust her entirely right now – her lies ring too close to memory. Bing loves her to pieces and I can not dissolve that bond but I do not like how she thinks she knows Bing better than me! Bing and I have our communication down pat. We rarely talk to one another but we do communicate our way. Bing is not like Emilee, my first cat I had for 16 1/2 years. Bing is Bing.

More later… hopefully. It might be a late night again tonight … I took a melatonin a few minutes ago and it will take a while for it to kick in and do its job tonight but I will not be up super duper late. For now… Later…

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