Sleepless In Wisconsin? The Need to Write, What Happened to the Elevator? The Session Scheduled

Sleepless In Wisconsin?

No, I am not having trouble sleeping at this hour. In a few minutes I am closing up shop here and going back to bed. I just had to run to the bathroom and had awakened to the need to write … my mind is a little anxious right now – that’s all.

The Need To Write

I have the need to write sometimes and these needs happen at the strangest times of the day or night, and it is one of those nights after running to the bathroom to take care of myself. I hate these late night excursions on the computer when the need to write happens. My mind gets a little anxious sometimes and I am a little worried about today a bit – the feeling that the nurse who is going to do her visit this morning when my shower gal RK is here is on my mind – fearing that K is going to bring up the DB situation when I requested not to hear about it anymore. I just have that feeling in my gut! If she brings up the DB situation, I am not going to be too happy. I need to heal now – seriously. I have heard about the DB situation twice now – a third time is NOT the charm. I have had a couple of bad dreams over the past few days about the situation. I have learned that DB has problems and she is NOT coming back here. I have been walking on egg shells for days and now, since Sunday, I am wanting to heal from all this crap so I can concentrate on other matters at hand that are more important. Having an anxiety/panic disorder stinks very badly! It, as kids today put it, sucks!

What Happened To The Elevator

The elevator at the Johnson Bank where my counseling is also located has a broken down elevator and the counseling service – Genesis Counseling Services happens to be on the second floor of the building, and many people use the elevator. My counselor called me on Thursday to let me know she was planning on going into work for a while Friday to go to a meeting with the Johnson Bank officials to see about borrowing a room of the facility while the elevator is broken down and being repaired, and then yesterday, she called again to inform me that bank has offered the use of a room for the counselors who have clients who use the elevator to get to the second floor. The elevator is not going to be repaired until later this month – which is almost half over now. The circuit board in the elevator went bad and it needs to be replaced before the elevator can be used again. Kind of inconvenient of course but what can we do – make accommodations is necessary and Johnson Bank along with Genesis Counseling Services have made arrangements. Thank goodness. Whew! I know my counselor SW wants me to keep up with my sessions in a timely manner to recover from all that I am dealing with and what I am going to be dealing with from day to day. SW, like PS, keeps things in focus and wants their clients to be happy and healthy, and content, and right now I am dealing with tons of emotion and some of it is raw – especially right now when I am a woman – my monthly. The idea of an elevator not in working order for a month really does bother me though. There are three floors in the bank and there are two elevators – one to get to the second floor and another one to get to the basement – the 1st floor, and then the bank is the main floor. The bathrooms are in the basement of the bank, too, so I know about the other elevator.

The Session Scheduled

SW and I talked on the phone for a few minutes yesterday afternoon and she to;d me what the bank and counseling services have come to an agreement with. I was glad to hear that the bank was going to allow the counselors to use a room for sessions for those who could not get to the second floor by the stairs. She told me that the room that is going to be used is in the basement of the building and the other elevator is to be used to get to the room. EEEEK! The other elevator!! My appointment was scheduled for February 22, 2012, next Wednesday. SW called MM and made arrangements for the appointment because this is the session MM will be attending – every other time. I needed to see her last Tuesday but that is when my appointment for the week was cancelled because the elevator broke down and I was told it could take a week to a month for the elevator to be fixed. AARRGG!! Now I have to use the other elevator.

Good Night

I have to go. I am getting beat up by Bing Crosby again and he wants to be my lap cat now. Good night and God bless. I am going to turn out the lights and go take a nap before JP gets here to help clean and do laundry. Better go now because it hurts to get hit by a cat’s tail over and over again and have a cat’s white body pushing against the back and top of your head because he is NOT getting his darn way again and he is mad at me – pissing me off in the process. Good night!

More later…

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