Good Morning, Yesterday, Plans Today, Walking Regimen Update, TGIF and Weekend

Good Morning

Good morning! Everyone, my friends and readers of Dear Diary and New Dear Diary, have a good day – no matter where you are in this world. Be safe and God bless.


I did not forget to write in my journal yesterday or anything, I just got busy with my day that I did not find the time to write in my journal as I planned to do. It was a well deserved break – a break that I gave myself. I was tired most of the day and just laid around after my shower and snuggled under the covers. I watched a lot of TV and got on Facebook all day. I decided I was not going to have any early wake up calls to write after heading to lala land last night, and my writing world will have to wait until I had gotten myself going and ready for my day if I had time before going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I have told myself, of all nights, that I was going to have to wait to write in my journal here or blog the next day after heading to bed for the night. The urge to write will happen yet but hopefully less. If I miss a day of blogging, I will record my day here still like this. I am still going to write as much as I can or need to, though. I did have a good day yesterday. I usually do on Thursdays most of the time.

Walking Regimen Update

I began walking around the building on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon I walked most of the walk I have planned everyday but had to quit while I was walking my end of the building on the 1st floor because I had bumped my ankle hard on the walker wheels, but I had already done one round of two rounds at my end – a short cut was made that day. I resumed my walking regimen of two and two yesterday afternoon between 12 and 1 pm and today, while at Wal-Mart, I am going to do my walking regimen and use my walker as my support system. It has a seat on it and if I get winded, I have a seat to sit on right there, lol. I have not given up on my walking regimen yet and won’t give up. I walked Wal-Mart last Friday with little difficulty but made it through the entire walk and I felt good. My back does not hurt because I walk so much as I have gathered the past few days. Walking is one thing I enjoy doing.

On Wednesday when I was doing my walking regimen, my world was buzzing in my head after seeing that NMS came home from the nursing home and I saw her come in. We talked for a minute but it was a cold reception on her part – she just acted like a sick person does when they have been away from home for so long. All she complained about was the fact she was gone for 5 weeks and now was home to this forsaken place. While we passed on my regimen at her end of the hallway – 2nd of 2 rounds thank goodness – we walked past one another without one word spoken. Come to my attention that NMS was upset because I did not say ‘welcome back’. Dang! I cannot read other people’s mind – come on, I cannot read my own mind most of the time anymore! NMS is a very sick woman! She needs to leave this place if she thinks this place is forsaken and a bad place to live!! I have heard her so many times in the past five weeks say bad things about the management, property management, and the tenants in this building. She is not acting Christian-like at all. She has hurt me so many times with her words. Now her niece and daughter are coming in March to help her get rid of stuff in her apartment to help find the source of the problem/smell, and believe it or not, her niece is one person I wish would never come back to this place after what she has done! Maybe NMS’s niece and daughter will convince her to move out and leave this place!!! I hope so. I have seen NMS so sick before this and she is getting worse. I just wish her family would see it!!!

TGIF and Weekend

Thank God it’s Friday! Yay! I am looking forward to seeing KB, my shower gal this evening at 730 to 845 pm, and have my weekend evening and early evening showers! I have no major plans this weekend like I did last weekend or Wednesday evening except to keep up with my walking regimen here in the building. The weather is a little too cold to go outside and walk the length of the building yet so I have walked the building on the 1st floor since Tuesday. I am not giving up on my walking regimen ever again!

I do not do spur of the moment stuff very often in the winter months even those our winter in Wisconsin has been very odd this year – we still do not have a lot of snow and by February we have had a couple of snowstorms and we have not had any yet! I am not really complaining here but I do have to admit that the germs in this world have not yet got killed because we have not had a big freeze yet. Sad but true. I have already had the flu this year in January as the doctor thought – why I was in hospital for two days being fluidized and pumped up with potassium



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