I Do Not Have Control Of Some Things…

I am only human and I love being on Facebook and share Bible verses on my Facebook page everyday or almost everyday. I had found a few Bible verses for today from Biblica On Demand pamphlet I received in the mail over the weekend. I decided to share the Bible verses I found worthwhile and meaningful to me, and all of a sudden I got a text from JSL telling me to slow down on my posts because her phone was blowing up… Okay, I do not have Facebook SMS coming into my phone just for the purpose I do not want to be bombarded from such. I will go online on my iPod, cell phone, and computers before I have SMS sending me texts to let me know who posted. I understand why people have SMS on their cell phone but honestly, I have no control of how texts come and go on other phones outside my own. I have chose not to answer her text because she is being a royal pain un the butt right now – must be PMSing, lol – badly I think. IF JSL gets bombarded with SMS on her phone with Facebook, then why in the world does she have it set up like that then? I told her several days ago – two weeks ago or so now – that we have no control when it comes to posting and commenting on Facebook because we do not know when someone is going to post something. Honestly, JSL has an issue with me ALL the time and it needs to stop. She seems to be a fault finder and tells you so!!! It has to stop! Do I have to walk away from her too, delete her from my friends’ list and block her? I do not want to do neither. 

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  1. You’re right, it’s up to her to deal with it if she doesn’t like it. It is your Facebook page. She can adjust her settings to deal with it.

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