Hello & Good Morning, All Day Yesterday, Looking Into What Happened 1 Mar 2012 – Hello & Good Morning, All Day Yesterday, Looking Into What Happened

Hello & Good MorningI would like to say hello and good morning. I think I am going to stay awake all day today. I hope so anyway.

All Day Yesterday
Okay… I had no major plans yesterday whatsoever. I was not planning on going anywhere or doing anything but read and watch TV. Well… I did not do any reading at all but I got some TV watching in. Not a whole lot of TV watching was done until after 3 pm or so though. I ended up seeing dreamland more than the day itself. I slept all day after my shower gal left at 1145 am. I could not keep my eyes open. I ended up crashing from the anxiety attack I ended up having for the past several days and the ER doctor and my family practice doctor gave me two days worth of medicine to calm me down more so I can function better than I could have for several days when the anxiety and panic attack hit and I ended up hitting rock bottom by the weekend. Last nght I vowed I would sleep in my bedroom last night and I did all night. It felt good sleeping in bed for once – not on the futon in the living room or the recliner. I did not have Bing sleep with me at all last night. I am going to sleep in my bedroom tonightas well. I have to get back into the habit of sleeping in my bed again.

Looking Into What Happened

I am not sure as to what really caused the anxiety and panic attack hit so hard but I have an inkling – not the greatest. I believe it all began with DB, my now former shower gal who RK took over in the past three weeks now. DB is NOT coming back here whatsoever and she is out of my life professionally. The anxiousness and feelings I have had over DB not communicating with me had bothered more than it should have and my body reacted the only way it knew how and it needs to trained not overreact to things. Anyway, DB is out of my life for good and she is no longer welcome in my world. I have RK now. I have YE on Mondays, RK on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and KB on Fridays and Saturdays. I really do not know what happened really. The anxiety and panic disorder did escalate to the level of control could not be established on its own. I ended up taking an Clonsepam Monday and Tuesday night to relax my body from the after affects of the anxiety/panic attack. I ended up at my breaking point. I am still looking into what happened.



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