My Thought at the moment, Good Night Early

I still have not heard from CSE. I did try calling her cell and a recording came back stating that she is not accepting any calls at this time. Okay, fine … she won’t be hearing from me anytime soon then. She knows exactly where I live and how to find me as I am not hunting her down or bothering with her for a while again. Her not coming down Sunday night has upset me and I will tell her I will not put up with her treating me like I am a nobody anymore once certain new friends come over without warning. I cannot rely on her anymore. She is one of my triggers of my anxiety attacks and what I needed her for Sunday was very important and necessary for her to be here for a few hours. I won’t let her make anymore promises anymore either. She does not keep her promises anyway.

Good Night Early

Good night early. I am heading to bed after NCIS is over – recording the rest of it and watching it tomorrow after all. I am tired so I am heading to bed here and locking up shop for the night. Good night and God bless! Sleep well. Yawn…

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