I wanted to say hello and good morning before the morning finally escapes me.  I have two Dear Diary journals to keep up with now – love it!  What I share at my Dear Diary site will or will not be shared here.  It really depends.  I will sometimes copy and paste here but not everyday any longer.  I will still write here and write there but not always the same thing for personal reasons.  My life is my life and I will share it whenever I wish.  Like at Dear Diary, I will tell it like it is there and here – same place I know but sometimes I find it better here.  I am thinking about coming here on a permanent basis but that is still in the thinking process yet.  I am always in the thinking process – overthinking as well, lol.  I still love to journal despite what i think or do daily.  Soon afternoon will be here. YAY!

Bing, my white kitty with the nicest blue eyes is being such a good kitty today – has been for the past few weeks now most of the time.  We have been sharing time together more lately.  Now that I am sleeping in my bedroom once again since February 29th, I do have  to admit that Bing’s attitude has softened and become a joy once again.  He does throw an attitude once in a while but lately no major problems and no worries from this mom of his.  I love him no matter what.   I have slept in my recliner twice since the 29th now and it is such a joy to be able to go to my bedroom and sleep comfortably there once again.  Not scared of my room anymore.

I do have to admit one thing.  My neighbor upstairs is still a questionable character yet.  I only saw her once since she moved into the building and I hear her everyday in her apartment going across the floor with her power chair or wheel chair she uses daily to get around,  Her dog does bark often and the past few days I have heard the barking less but her noise more, lol.  What the heck is wrong with this place?  My apartment is one place I can call mine still and … the rest of this building is not even my problem.  I will associate with the manager more than anyone else in this building – once to twice a week and every month when my rent is due.  I can really stay away from everyone else in the building and yet I am not a hermitess and do not intend to be one even though my apartment is my refuge and my mainstay and place I can call mine.  I really want my own home though but then again the noises I hear at TM will no longer be heard and the silence of apartment noises will be forever silence and I cannot stand total silence everyday.  Anxiety and panic will set it big time in minutes in that case, lol.  Maybe anxiety and panic will not exist at all anymore either but then again I cannot afford my own home yet.  Apartment living is it for now for the rest of my days possibly yet.  Not sure yet.  I have homes to go to yet thankfully.  I have aunts and uncles still alive, parents and one sister alive,  Need I say more.

Okay, enough of my rambled life.  Gotta go!  More later maybe.

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