Don’t Feel Sorry For Me, Don’t Pity Me, I Will Be Fine

This title suits me well today and so please take it seriously.  Thanks!  As of today, after yesterday’s conversation with NMS, I am no longer going to call, see her, or bother with her ever again from this day forward.  Our friendship is FINALLY over – I want this.  I have cried hot, angry, confused, and countless tears when it comes to us for the very last time yesterday.  No more NMS!  She has pretty much stated that she does not want our friendship to continue anymore after she said the most hateful and hurtful things she could possibly say after all these years.  The past three years, anyway, she has said some hurtful and hateful things to me, and yesterday WAS the last time she will ever say hurtful and hateful things to me for the rest of our lives.  I have shed countless tears yesterday and my heart is still broken and I wash my hands of NMS for good from this day forward. I am still hurting and tears still stroll down my face, and my voice yet does not sound cherry enough this very day.  This nothing to laugh, say I am sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time because that is not necessary to do that so please do not say I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time.  I have had my fair share of troubles with NMS for the past three years now and she has become a very hateful, hard hearted person I can not explain any further than that.  I will let her deal with her own life without me in it from this day onward, and let her deal with God herself from now on.  I am not the only person who is at fault with relationship woes with friends.  it takes two people to have a relationship and it takes the same two to have a problem, and it takes two to end a relationship, too.  I am not always having relationship problems with people here you know.  So do not feel sorry for me, pity me.   I will be fine once I snap out of my brokenness and hurt feeling.  I will find happiness again.  I may hold grudges a lot but I do eventually soften back up again.  Even with that said, I am done with NMS for good even if I soften back up again.

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