The Body Bugg,Weight Watchers, and Update On Life

The Body Bugg

The Body Bugg is an electronic system that helps you calculate how many calories you burn (as you so activities, rest, sleep, and what you eat or do not eat, lets you know how many steps you take in a day, you have so many minutes to do activities (I I have 30 minutes), and time. (a digital clock)) I got the Body Bugg from my mom through UPS on Monday and got it activated and working today.

Weight Watchers

I went to my 1st Weight Watchers meeting today. Yes, I started Weight Watchers! According to the scale, I lost 4lbs. I am looking forward to next, Wednesday, week.

Update On Life

Well, NMS 9s definitely out of my life for good this time. She has acted as if I do not exist … same to her actually. She does not exist either whatsoever. She is no longer my surrogate mom.

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