A Very Busy Week After All!

Wow!  I have a very busy week after all … somewhat unexpected.  Yesterday was not as busy as expected but that was fine.  Monday was my busiest day and I was gone from 1130 am to practically 230 am.  We went grocery shopping at Walmart, went to get my new prescription glasses at Shopko Optical, and then to the bank, and then to my doctor’s appointment.  I have an reoccurring callous so every few weeks – 2 months – I have to have it looked at and shaved off because of the fact I walk a certain way because of cerebral palsy.  Anyway, today, is another  semi-busy day.  I have my shower at 1030 am – 1145, and then I have my Weight Watchers meeting tonight at 530 – 615 pm, and I have a meeting tomorrow at 10 am, my shower from 9 to 1015 am, and JP coming to help me clean my apartment and straighten up my bedroom.  Today, for the first time without anxiety, I have the feeling of being overwhelmed.  I also have a med check on Friday at 430 pm so MM is picking me up for that and bringing me back home.  Then I have church on Saturday and Sunday.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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