LS Will Be LS and Not Allowing It

JSL is right when it comes to LS being LS.  Several days ago I was told by her and A that if I turned MW in, LS would never speak to me ever again … then, A calls me and tells me that he has a friend who lives in our building and he told LS this and she then believed that it was me he was referring to and A told her no.  She still was adamant that it was me and told A that she was no longer going to be my friend anymore and never speak to me ever again.  I did not even care if she never spoke to me ever again anyway by this time and after hearing this from A, I have vowed I would never really get involved with his constant talk about LS trying to call him over and over again.  Anyway…

LS called my cell last night and left a message … as if nothing ever happened between us several days ago.  I was not impressed or even wanting to talk to her.  I did not call her back.  I did not want to deal with her drama or the fact that she is in an abusive relationship with MW.  MW is a jerk and he treats LS like dirt and I just can not deal with her constantly having problems with him.  He gets angry with her often and he does say the most awful things about her when she is not around.  I rarely see MW alone because LS is always with him. They go out to eat at McDonalds every night and LS is a lot heavier than I am.  I believe LS does not have the understanding and mental compacity to know what a relationship is all about.  Not talking to LS now is not a loss for me at all.

I have decided to not talk to A anymore either.  Not having A as a friend, too, is no long for me, too.  I have had a very busy week and when he called me last weekend, I was finding myself a little overwhelmed with a few things without anxiety and very very busy on top of it all week long.  I do not have any time any longer for drama and people talking over and over about one thing as if obsessed with it.  AARRGG!!

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