Morning, Almost Forgot, and the Rest Of My Day


Just like every Tuesday morning, I am busy…  laundry, shower, and getting ready for my day.  Anyway, I had my shower from 9 to 1015 am and then I am so glad I got dressed because I

Almost Forget

I had an appointment at 1 pm and my ride was out there and I got a call from the company K-Town twice and did not recognize the phone number on my cell when I realized by the 2nd phone call, I called them back, and my ride was still waiting out there for me, ad I had asked K-Town to have my ride wait and i will be out real quick,  From that moment, I put on my right brace and shoes on in 3 seconds, got my jacket in case I needed it, and out the door in another 3 seconds.  I was late getting to my appointment but I got there after calling them to let Genesis Counseling Services know I was on my way.  Appointment was short and sweet and when I got done, I left and found my ride ready to take me home.

The Rest of My Day

I got home around 2 pm. I saw a tenant, one of the annoying ones, lol, MP.  I have been so busy that I have not been able to help him with what he wanted to help.  He wants me to come up and see his John Deere tractor collection but I have no time and no need or want to really be bothered with other tenants in the building much anymore.  I have those I will say hello to and hang out with but otherwise I keep to myself and mind my own business now-a-days.

I spent the rest of the day with no company.

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