My Feelings About Lawn Mowers, LOL

I have no problem having someone here every week mowing the lawn or anything during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, but my feeling about lawn mowers is … … noisy, loud, and big.  I wish that lawn mowers  were not so noisy and loud!  I guess from now on, knowing when the lawn care gentleman will be here, I will have my windows open or shut but just will not watch television at the time he is using the mower in my vicinity of the outer part of the building and do something different.  I know he comes every Wednesday … weather permitting … of course, lol.

Today our lawn care gentleman was here – JSL’s husband DL,  He works hard and gets the job done. Some time back tenants would complain and be so mean about the fact the lawn was not taken care of properly and those tenants are no longer living here … thank goodness.  Some of the tenants here can get real picky and nasty about other tenants around here.  I am so glad that I keep to myself most of the time and rarely talk to others outside my apartment … select few.

Yesterday there was a very good example of a tenant being a jerk and idiot, and I found out yesterday that he is moving out of here ,.. thank goodness!

Now I can watch my TV shows without excessive noises.

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