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It could have been a lot worse for not going to the dentist for 4 years but in the 4 years I did not go to the dentist, I have had some fear and discomfort that my mind and body would never forget so I never saw a dentist until today.  It was one of my goals to see a dentist this year before a certain time when I had my last IDS (Independent Disabilities) ISP with MM, JP, and TG. Ever since that meeting or ISP, I have made strides in my world to better my health and keep what health I do have.

Anyway, saying earlier it could have been a lot worse for not going to the dentist for four years, I have four broken teeth that have to be extracted so I will have 28 teeth after June 22, 2012.  I consider myself lucky and thankful.

Because I have not been to the dentist for 4 years, out of fear and discomfort, I was able to find a dentist who is very gentle and kind, and while at my first initial meeting this new dentist Dr. P, I do have to admit that I was really relaxed and comfortable, He was so gentle and did his job on my teeth to where I did not feel a thing – just one prick of the needle to numb the gum made me wince a little but it was done so quickly.  Dr. P asked me if I was alright and I could not say no.  While he was working on my teeth, eventually I had to either give him a thumbs up or the okay sign that is my sign language I am doing fine, great, or impressed.  My new dentist Dr. P is a keeper.  Now, I have to wait and see what it is like with 4 teeth gone in a month.

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