Good Morning, Plans Today, Rest of My Weekend

Good Morning

I just wanted to say good morning to my DD friends.  Hope all is well and if there is any prayers needed please let me know.  God bless!

Plans Today

I am going to be seeing my friend CB between now and lunch after she gets off work … overtime today … and the rest of the day, after seeing CB, I will spend the rest of the day doing some Bible studying, reading, and my shower gal KB will be here from 5 to 615 this evening, and then I will get myself ready for tomorrow.

The Rest of My Weekend

I will be going to Bethel Baptist Church tomorrow.  My ride will be here around 9 am and service is at 930 am, and then Sunday School and back home.  Since this weekend is another holiday weekend, I am taking advantage of this weekend honoring the men and women who are still fighting for our freedoms and country today along with those who have lost loved ones while serving in the war of today and yesterday.  We are having a small airshow at our small Rock County Airport this weekend so I will be hearing planes and jets fly overhead and around the area all weekend.  I have my shower gal coming tomorrow, Sunday, at 5 pm to 615 pm because YE will not make it on Monday due to it being Memorial Day.  I get to see KB all weekend this weekend for the 1st time in a long time.  I just can not see myself not having a shower for two days … not my thing.  I like my showers 6 days a week.  On Monday, since it will be Memorial Day, I will be here at home doing my things and my busy week will begin on Tuesday.

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