My Life As A Christian

I profess to be a Christian, a growing Christian, and after today’s sermon, I have to come learn more about myself that I have a lot to work on to become even a better Christian.  I see my errors   and ways that have proven to show that I am always going to be growing up as a Christian.  Why?  It is my understanding of the Bible Scriptures, the people I have in my life, and what I do as a Christian.  I have swore and still swear and use God’s name is vain so many times.  I am a sinner in this world because I was born into sin.  I do know God and I do know Jesus through Scripture, sermons and church, and asking others about Jesus and the power of God.  Jesus died for my sins and yet I am a sinner.  I have my faults.  Please help me grow to be a better Christian.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi from a fellow Christian! I love that the Holy Spirit reveals to us the character habits we need to change, I too am guilty of swearing now and then too! 🙂

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