I do have to admit that one name NOT will be mentioned in this entry and believe me, I wish NOT to mention one name right now.  I am not happy with this particular person in my life right now because of what she said to me in a Facebook message.  She tells me that I am only busy 2 days a week and she is busy more than I am.  She does not know my schedule.  She does not know me like she did once before.  I used to be busy only 2 days a week but that has changed since March 23rd and now I am busy everyday of the week now.  I have my showers Monday through Saturday, I clean and do laundry on Tuesdays, I have Weight Watchers meetings on Wednesdays, and Thursdays I have organization skill time with someone, and Fridays I go grocery shopping, and Saturdays and Sundays I go to church.  I won’t be going to church for the next 3 Saturdays because this coming week a ride is not available, and there is no local church the weekend of June15th and June 22nd because of Camp Meeting 2012 that happens every year in the last two weeks of June.  I do not attend Camp Meeting because of no one to go with.  This year I will have four broken teeth pulled on June 22nd.  I will not attend church with NMS anymore – if she is there when I am there, I find that totally different.  The last time I saw her at church was on her birthday May 19th and her daughter was with her.  I am still keeping my distance from NMS at this time and will talk to once in a while when she calls and like yesterday, telling her about the pants she gave me to wear that they fit.  I do not go out of my way to talk to her anymore and if I do, I do on occasion.

So as far as not being too happy with someone right now, I am just wishing she would stop and think about things before she writes anything.  I consider myself busy every day of the week now. I do wish people would just stop and think before they speak and write.  I can understand venting and all but some people need to walk in the shoes of others more often.  I believe this one person who will remain nameless right now needs to walk in my shoes more than she has lately.  She has been acting like she is better than me right now and that is how I see it.  She has made me very unhappy with her more than once and I will NOT respond or comment on anything she says anymore when she is set off.  I believe the rest of this week I will NOT have nothing to do with her and not write her, text her, or comment on anything she does on Facebook.  She needs to, my opinion and observation only with no witnesses,STOP treating me like a child.\

I have seen this nameless person online off and on, seen her posts and comments.  She has changed her Facebook because something went goofy with her last Facebook page and she needed to create a new page.  She has been friends on her last page she has gotten into spats with and I have received a message on Facebook from one particular person I have now since deleted from my page because of the drama that has been playing back and forth among others I have also deleted from my page.  I DO NOT put up with dramatic situations or dramatic people anymore and I will NEVER associate with dramatic people in  my world anymore either.  I have read the message more than once that was sent my way and I have found it odd that I was only seeing this person’s conversation with a Facebook member and everyone commenting saying that they have had trouble with the very person I have not happy with right now before and that she is such a drama queen.  To be very honest here, I do believe that the person I am not happy was being a little dramatic and she has stirred trouble with a few people.  A few of my friends on Facebook have also been sent the same message and have left the conversation because of the dramatic situation going on.  I believe, those who were keeping the fire burning, were all being dramatic and that even included ,the very person I am unhappy with today.  I will NOT put up with no more drama from this particular person anymore either!

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