The Weekend Has Arrived

I am so glad the weekend has arrived!  I had to go to the dentist and get a couple of teeth pulled.  I thought we were going to pull three but he was able to safe one of the teeth for the time being since it does not show any sign of infection and other problems.  YAY!  I will be going back to the dentist on July 6th to get the third – was fourth tooth – pulled.  It did not hurt  at all and I was in and out.  After the appointment, we went to Wal-Mart in Beloit, Wisconsin since we were at Machesney Park at the dentist have my teeth taken care of.  I am glad the weekend is finally here.  I am not going to church tomorrow but I will be going on Sunday for sure.  I have already called for a ride and confirmed it with TB.  Woo hoo!  The weekend is finally here!!!!

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