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I know it has been a long time again but It seems I have been super duper busy everyday of the week lately.  I have  not forgotten this place (Dear Diary) or the people who are a part of Dear Diary at all. I just do not have a whole lot of time to catch up on days now is pretty much the problem these days.This is still my favorite place to be though so I will not leave and I do not have any intentions of leaving Dear Diary at all.  I just cannot play catch up at this time and will write whenever I can from now on for the time being.  Things have to settle down yet in my world because there are new changes in the world around me where I live and things have happened very quickly this summer in the past two months.  In fact, I think things have happened too quickly that has had my head spinning kind of fast here.

TM will no longer be under the Teamsters of Janesville and Madison area because the building has been bought by a management company out of Milwaukee area.  TM has had to have some changes made for a very very long time now, since I have lived here, and now our building is going to be taken care of by a company the way it should be.  The company that took over happened very quickly and but it has been rumored for a while – not sure if anyone really knew what was going on or things were done so in secret or under the roof in quiet.  The gentleman who took over as property manager before this company from Milwaukee took over have been let go and there has been some very hurt feelings.  I am being told from someone on the outside of the building what she has heard because her father has told her and she is telling me about it and my feeling about it – without sounding cruel and mean – is that it is not her business or her father’s business anymore.  If the on-site manager and the former property manager still talk to one another, it is not my business and it really is not my business.  I find people on the outside, angry or not, laughing at us or not, or whatever they are doing, of our building are people like me with feelings but they need not take and find trouble with anyone who lives here.  Now with this company from Milwaukee, the building will be doing things the right way and follow the book the way things should be done.  Along with that, this building is going to get fixed up and a new name.  TM will have a new name soon.  TM always had a nursing home feel to it and it is no longer going to be that feeling. Woo hoo!

Today, being Thursday, it seems a lot of things have come and gone in this day I can not quite explain.  Today seemed to be the most busiest day of my life – things happened that were expected and one thing happened that was not expected — actually two things to be very honest here.  I got my new bed – a bed that I can now sit up in like a recliner and sleep instead of sleeping in my recliner in my living room.  My living room will be what it should be.  Now my bedroom will be my bedroom again where I should be sleeping.  Yay!  As for my full-size bed, I was able to sell it to a neighbor.

A dear friend of mine came down to my apartment in tears.  She told that our neighbor’s 6 month old puppy Will was real sick and is dying,  She gave the account of what she saw and felt,  CSE, and BS, and I prayed that Will will make it.  Will was taken to an emergency vet hospital.

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