The Saga Continues

It seems, even though I am not answering to anyone regarding JSL and me, I do have to admit that the saga continues on her end of the matter.  I have gotten an invite from a friend, who I thought I went to school with and found out that it was a friend of JSL’s who decided to write me a messsage … the first part letting me know that JSL did not put her up to writing this message and I found that suspicious immediately and stopped reading the message to a point and saw in a second message that deleting and blocking her husband was not right because he did not do anything wrong and it was me and JSL that were having the problem.  Knowing in my own heart, I know that JSL’s husband is definitely in the midst of all this and did text me this morning saying that blocking him on Facebook was silly.  Without further contact with him, I decided to delete the message and go on with my life.  I am not going to add fuel to the fire that JSL had started – angry, upset, ticked, or mad – and continue being friends with someone who, in my eyes, does not accept me for who I am entirely by getting annoyed that I repeat myself.  I had come to find out that when I was in severe anxiety and panic mode, I would repeat myself a lot and she got annoyed and told me that she would stop texting me if I continued to repeat things over and over again.  She is not a true friend in my eyes then and it seemed to continue to be this way as long as I was in my anxiety and panic mode on a daily basis.  So the saga continues.  She even had her mother call me and I did ignore the call and did not speak to her mother either.  This is JSL retaliating and I will no longer put up with it.  She is out of my life now.  She will give up sooner or later … slip up and get herself in trouble somehow without my having nothing more to do with her and adding fuel to the fire she has ignited.  She is going to slip up sooner or later.

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