My Friday … Back to Normal?

Ahhh, good…

I am back on my regular/daily schedule once more … I think. LOL

Anyway, I went grocery shopping with JPE this morning at 8 am and got a few things. I came home and saw the manager for a few minutes and some neighbors in the lobby and chatted there for some time and then I visited CSE at her place to see what her schedule was like and wondered if she would like to come downstairs to my place; We did just that.

I talked to my dad, who happens to be on his property up northwest of here to find out when we were going to have brunch/breakfast in the morning at our/my favorite restaurant down the street from my apartment. I am looking forward to seeing dad and at the same time, I am a little nervous and scared. Now the nervousness is coming from a variety of incidents that have already happened and being in a weight loss program my dad is paying for has been on my mind as well.

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