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I do have to admit that my Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of the entire week are the most busiest days of my week now-a-days. I am more active and outgoing than I once was and that is the way things have been since March when I was in the hospital getting my medications regulated for my anxiety and panic disorder along with some depression involved. My whole world has evolved in a whole different reality and this reality is the true reality of life. I have been told by someone that my days are not busy like her days but then again my world is not her world. I could see, at the time this was said months ago, that she was just being a braggart about her busy life. It just made me sick to see her brag about this. I am so glad this one particular person is out of my life and we are no longer friends. I can still see, the future of her world, wanting to yet bring drama into our lives and plotting something horrible. Anyway, my day today is going to be a busy one.

I have my shower gal RK coming at 9 am to 1015 am, then KP will be here to organize some things that need to be organized and taken care of, and then I will be leaving going with NMS and CSE to see a friend of ours this afternoon for a picnic. The weather does not look promising though…rain in the forecast…but we are still going as far as I know. I have a busy day today – busiest of the whole entire week I have had so far.

I do go to church on the weekends as well so my week is always busy.

I am still hurt by how my friendship ended with this someone so I am going to have to grieve and get past this as quickly as possible. Please help.

More later…

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