My Day

I do have to say that my day was just fine and good. I do have to admit that it was fairly busy and not busy at the same time. Does that even make any sense? LOL

I had my afternoon shower, got some stuff done in the morning, and got ready to go with my friends NMS and CSE. I am doing okay.

Tonight NMS, CSE, and I went to the Tallman House to hear a discussion on the Civil War. CSE is working on a book – co-writing/authoring – about Colonel Elmer Ellworth with another writer/author. She is also a Civil War buff and “nut as they would say” but I would never call her a “nut”. CSE has been into it for years and I have found myself interested in it in the past year and several months now since I do love history. The night was awesome and I know CSE enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and NMS also enjoyed it – making CSE happy is what she wanted to do. Don’t worry, NMS made me happy too.

I am feeling tired and almost ready for bed now.

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