Taking A Few Moments To Remember…

First of all…

Good morning and I hope for a good day.

All is fine here in my household – at the moment. It is quiet here and I hear tenants coming and going into the community room across the hall and that is the only downfall of living on the 1st floor at the east end of the building, lol. No big deal though. Some days the noise of the door closing after someone enters and exits can be heard more clearly than other days apparently. Anyway, that is not the reason for my diary entry at the moment now, though.

On October 2, 1997, my Grandma Fox passed away in the hospital after battling with congestive heart failure for a while. Today would have been her birthday as well when she passed away. My mother and I are remembering her today and honoring this day for her. Even though Grandma has been gone for a long time. She is missed. She was a lovely and wonderful lady who put up with me and my mom for many years, lol. Being girls and growing up and changing is not easy for women and Grandma understood. Grandma died at the age of 78.

Today is not a super duper busy day for me except for cleaning and laundry this afternoon and my shower this morning, but I do intend on coming back today to write more. I feel I have a lot to say today, oh oh … lol. More later…

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