Ahhh, The Weekend Has Arrived…Yay!

I am so glad the weekend has arrived. Whew. this week has been a good one and a long one on top of it. CSE will not be here tonight and that is okay. She has another engagement to do so our companionship is not happening tonight. I believe she will not be here tomorrow either. We are not having a break from one another or anything. CSE is just not going to be home this weekend much. She has other plans this weekend. So, even though we are communicating through texts on our phones, I am enjoying my time alone without any company or making any plans in particular.

My monthly has started so now I understand why my busy week seemed overwhelming. Yep, I am going through body changes right now. I will be okay. I was expecting it anyway.

When JE and I went grocery shopping this morning at 8 am at Woodmans and I met a direct support professional who was in training today, and I found out who she was and who she is related to. I feel I have known this new DSP for years when I met her for the first time today. I really like her a lot. Her name is CT. She is related to one of my high school colleagues and I also knew CT’s MIL and FIL because EW and RT lived here at Burbank Plaza Apartments (formerly known as Teamster Manor) After grocery shopping, CT met JE and I at my place and saw what JE does on Fridays. We visitedf for a few mibutes. I cannot wait until my afternoon shower! I feel so gross from my monthly!

Now with my groceries put away and JE and CT gone for the day/weekend, I do have to admit that I am glad no one is here at the moment. My shower will be at 1 pm and it sure sounds wonderful right about now.

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