Organization Day!

At one point in time I did not really like the idea of having organization done and having things moved about and brought into a world of confusion on my part but it has been several weeks now that this has been happening and i really love doing the organization each Thursday morning to noon or whenever the time is allotted.  KP is great at organizing and putting ideas into focus for me and I love it.  My place feels like a home and not just a place to leave from and come to.


Today we went through some tapes I was given by friends on Sunday and put them away in a safe and comfortable spot out of the way and worked on my shelves in the bathroom because all the towels and wash clothes were in a disarray and needed to be put in better array than they were.  My shelves were a mess where the towels and wash cloths were!  KP fixed it up and now I see a place I consider home.

It is very nice to have the professional help coming into my home to help take care of things.  I am not ever alone and I do have to admit that being busy helps and I have something important to look forward to on a daily basis and have something to do.  The help that I get three times a week from IDS (Independent Disabilities Services), the showers I get Monday through Saturday – Monday afternoons, Tuesday – Thursday mornings, and Friday morning or afternoon, and Saturday afternoon.  It does vary and that fine here.

I have someone here daily and it fills my time with some kind of activity. It has been a busy month and today was organization day and I enjoyed it.  I cannot wait, but of course I have to in reality, to tackle another fine project.  KP has some wonderful ideas!

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