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Okay… got going at 745 am this morning and my ride was going to be here by 750 am to take me grocery shopping!  Oops!  Here I am having some trouble with the time change.  It is taking a little longer than usual this year.  I am hanging in there and doing what needs to be done despite the little setback.  I am moving forward in my life now and love my life the way it is going for me.  Of course I am going to run into obstacles in my life from time to time, and this is one of those times.  I did have a fine week and a busy one at that.  I definitely have my monthly right now but that will be over before too long – thankfully.

I was hoping to see CSE this evening before it got real late but it never did happen.  By 8 pm I texted her to wait until tomorrow to help me out since it was getting late.  My time clock inside me not yet adjusted with the time zone change has something to do with the fact that having CSE here after 8 pm would not be a good idea tonight.  Also, having my monthly right now is probably one of the major reasons why I am not adjusted to the time zone change yet.  Last Saturday night/Sunday morning we set our clocks back an hour now that Fall is ending and Winter is coming not that far away.  I have told CSE we will see each other tomorrow sometime.  I am okay with not seeing her tonight.  I like being alone when my body is going through the changes a woman goes through every month.

I am so happy to have the weekend finally here.  I have a busy weekend and a busy weekend next week as well.  I have no time to worry about certain things in my world that could, would, or have gone wrong or are even going wrong right now.  I am moving witih the flow of things right now and a little slower than normal due to the fact I have my monthly and it is starting to get colder outdoors due to the fact that it is now November and Winter is on its way for the season here in good ol’ Wisconsin.

I have been thinking about certain family members lately.  They have been in my dreams and my dreams have been unpleasant for the most part.  I just wish that someone professionally can fix the brokenness I have seen and feel but our lives are private and we are each of our own through thick and thin.  We are there for one another or we are not.

I have been dealing with a headful of emotions lately and they are in control more of the time than they were before months ago or even two to three years ago.

Well, it is going on 10 pm here in Wisconsin now and so it is bed time.  Time to have my computer rest and come back tomorrow sometime, and shut the lights off and get some rest.  Good night and God bless.

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