Been Thinking… 2

Yesterday I wrote the 1st part of my Been Thinking… chapter of my life.  I decided to write the 2nd part to it tonight before heading to bed and start a new day afresh tomorrow.

I have been busy and when I had told LB about it Friday, she told me it is good that I have been keeping myself busy and have something planned everyday.  After that I, which began yesterday, that I have been busy everyday, and that is definitely a good thing.  I love it!  I hate to have idle hands.  Even though I am busy everyday, there is one day out of the work week Monday through Friday I have a day to myself and that is Tuesday.  In the past it used to be Monday but that has recently changed in the past two to three weeks now and I do not know for sure, yet, if it is temporary or permanent.  My worker at IDS does not know yet either.  Being busy is awesome!  I love it!

This weekend, the 1st and 2nd, I was more busy than I had planned and those kind of days, with plans already made had on the spur of the moment plans.  I went to lunch on Saturday with a high school colleague and her mom and aunts.  An aunt came from Boscobel,Wisconsin with her partner, so it was very nice to see them again as well.  I had met them some time back when my friend PK and I went up to Boscobel and Gays Mills for the night.  Lunch was even delicious and filling.  We went to Hometown Buffet (formerly known as Old Country Buffet).  The only thing that was not very appetizing was the chicken and dumplings.  The dumpling was okay but the chicken did not look like it was cooked thoroughly so I did not eat the chicken.  I will go to Hometown Buffet again, though. That one item of food did not throw me off completely.  As for Sunday, my original ride to church was cancelled so I had to call SW and her husband – text – to see if I could get a ride with them for the 11 o’clock service so that was unexpectedly planned at the last minute.  I surely did not want to miss church.  I go on Saturdays whenever the Pastor and his family go so that is once to twice a month.  The Saturdays I do not go, outside my not busy Tuesdays, and I get to sleep in on Wednesdays, I sleep in.  Sleeping in is not hard to do but I am usually up early whether I sleep in or not wanting to be online before my shower and getting dressed for the day.

So I have no complaints here.  Even no tears, lol.

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