Plans Changed

I did not get to church this morning but I was able to watch the service online this morning. My ride would have gotten my to church this morning but I did not have a ride home so I did not make it to church today.  No big deal.  I was still able to follow along and my friend will get me a bulletin for today and pass it on to me next to m because when I see her and her husband this next weekend or whenever they get to church again.  My friend had to work today so her husband went to church this morning with his truck – a truck I can not get into very well because it is too high.  My friend said that she has trouble getting into her husband’s truck and it needs to be on a curb in order for her to get in.  That I can manage but with the snow we have right now, a curb is not free because many curbs are snow covered right now.  We are still in winter and Spring is three days away.  We are expecting more snow tomorrow, too,  I guess we are making up for what snow we did not get last year when we were totally spoiled by the Springtime weather all Winter long.


I did enjoy my day at home with my cat Bing Crosby and watching the service online, reading the Bible, and watching TV all afternoon.  I am feeling a little wound up tonight so I am going to have a little trouble sleeping well tonight.

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