My Weekend and Today

I had a fine weekend!  I went to church on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  The idea of not going to church last Sunday still looms in my mind and memory as if it happened yesterday, but I did attend church online.  Anyway, this weekend was good.  Friday night I had CD and CSE down and we had spaghetti for supper.  Having CD down was nice.  I did have a good time with CD here as well.  I had lunch at CV, BV, VV, and Pastor V’s house Saturday afternoon, and then I had church again yesterday.  I am looking forward to this week – enough to do what needs to be done this week.  I am glad, today, that I have cleaning and laundry on Mondays and grocery shopping on Tuesdays.  I look forward to Friday sleep in mornings now.

Well, I better get going for now.  I have to get myself going now that I have played some games on Facebook and visited here quickly this morning.  U have a busy day.  I will be glad for the afternoon to be here once I get back from my appointment.

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