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With CSE upstairs spending time with her cat Ethan and getting clothes for tomorrow, I have decided to head to my bedroom and spending the rest of the night there, and getting on my computer before going to sleep for the night.  Today was a fine day although at first I thought it was going to be a rough day for both CSE and I, and our neighbor and friend CD.    We have, all three of us, worked things out and we spent the afternoon and part of the evening together here at my place watching a movie called Cirque Du Soleil and then we watched Judge Judy, Murder, She Wrote, and then Survivor together. I really enjoy the movie Cirque Du soleil and I would definitely recommend others to watch it because the performances on the program was very beautiful and amazingly wonderful.  The music was amazing!  It was like watching a modern day silent film.  As for Judge Judy and Murder, She \Wrote, they were two pre-recorded programs that were watched from today’s daily programming.  I never have watched any of the season’s Survivor yet this season so I watched it for the first time with CSE and CD this week.  It was okay but I am not into too many reality TV shows.  I am more into crime, true stories, documentaries, law and order type of shows, along with movie genres I like that does not include horror all the time.  I have seen all the Harry Potter movies and read the book set.,  I am not into blood and guts gaming either.  That is the type of person I am.

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