Surprised In A Way But Not Totally Surprised

I have come to the point in my life not to trust just anyone now-a-days.  Trusting people can only go so far before trust is founded in a different form that makes a person not trustworthy any longer. It is sad but it is true – for me anyway.  Here is the reason why I was surprised in a way but not totally surprised…

I have noticed the people who were following me but not necessarily a “friend” on Facebook.  One name came up in particular … a name I did not expect to ever see again.  I had a sneaky suspicion that the name, although real and someone I know from my past most recent, was on my followers list on Facebook.  This name was created by someone who is no longer a friend of mine in my life whatsoever,  We have not spoken to one another since September when I had decided to end out friendship relationship abruptly due to ongoing issues that would not resolve on their own any longer,  I was surprised to see the name of a person who was following me on Facebook.  I have known this for several hours now and today I took care of the situation by blocking the alias, even though it is a real name of a person I do know but the person manning the alias name is the daughter of the one who actually owns the name.  I decided to find a way to get rid of her alias and block her from being a follower on my Facebook page.  I know what this person is up to or was up to and I find it rather crazy and sick for this person who does not want nothing to do with me do such a thing as “stalk” me – great lengths I did not expect this person to do but then again after thinking about it, I have always found this person loving dramatic situations in life and she will never see anything different.  Some people, even though they grow up in some areas of life by life experiences, do not grow up in other areas of life.  I dislike drama so much that I will walk away from it and never deal with those people any longer.

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