I Will Tell It Like It Is

I have had enough when it comes to people treating me the way they do because they are sad and angry themselves.  Because they are unhappy, for some reason or another, their unhappiness has to be shed upon others around them.  What goes on in my life is my business and if the property management needs to talk to me about something, I will be open and kind about it.  I have been teased and bullied when I was in 5th grade through high school by kids who did not have nothing better to do but to be mean to others to make themselves look good to their friends.  Today, with those memories still intact as if they happened yesterday, I feel I am still being teased and bullied by people who live in the same building as me.  I love living where i live but it is best for me to stay close to home when I am not going anywhere outside my building.  I have my friends who I will see and visit but I pretty much stay close to home otherwise.

So today, despite of what goes on in my world, I will tell it like it is.

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